Restorative Dental Procedures

Restorative dentistry involves addressing problems with the mouth and gums and coming up with solutions for them. It helps to restore function and beauty to smiles that are damaged, rotted, or crooked. It focuses more on oral diseases and the health of your teeth than aesthetics, although some restorative procedures do make your teeth look nicer. Below are some of the most common restorative processes and what they do.


Fillings are one of the most common and basic restorative procedures done to teeth. It involves filling in cavities with one of a few different available materials. This keeps the cavity from growing and helps to protect the tooth from further damage.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are very similar, although there is a slight difference. They both involve placing a crown, or false tooth, over teeth that are too d

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Remedies To Remove Dental Plaque and Tartar

Dental problems have become so common in today’s world such that hardly a day goes without someone visiting a dentist. The increase in teeth problems has been brought about by lack of information on the proper care of teeth. You find that people often assume that by simply brushing your teeth on a regular basis, you are less likely to encounter any issues or even require visiting a dentist. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Whereas regular brushing of teeth is one of the most effective ways of ensuring healthy teeth and gums, there are other factors that contribute to common teeth problems that are often ignored. Your diet for example can either nurture the growth of healthy teeth or cause common dental issues such as plaque or tartar buildup. It doesn’t matter how regularly you brush your teeth but the dirt left behind by food tend to build up on your teeth meaning that there are high chances that you will get plaque. This is why it is recommended that you see a dentist

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