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How Dentists Provide Dental Implants for Patients

The average person waits about three years in between dental appointments. Unfortunately, many dental issues can arise within this amount of time. Considering that, you might find yourself in need of dental implants. Research shows that almost 500,000 people receive dental implants each year. It makes sense to wonder what to expect while receiving this dental procedure. Here’s how dentists perform dental implants.

Creating a Dental Implant

First, dentists will need to make an opening in your gums. After this happens, dentists place posts in the opening. These posts serve as the foundation for your implant. In most cases, posts will need to sit inside of your gums for a few months. This amount of time gives the post time to form around your jawbone. After a few months, a dentist will open up the area where the posts are located. Next, the dental professional places an abutment over the new opening. Once tissue forms around the abutment, dental professional will place the cThe av...

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