About us

Hi! I’m Larry Pendergrast, Lead Coordinator of Dentist Lifestyle. We’re an organization of bloggers who are fascinated by the field of dentistry and the particulars of dentists’ lifestyles. We are not dentists ourselves, we’re more like fans of dentists and enthusiasts of dentistry. Many of us grew up making use of the services of a dentist, and others have watched dentists from afar, admiring their dignified approach and their enthusiasm for fixing their patients’ teeth. We feel that the amount of time we’ve spent thinking about dentists qualifies us to blog about the particulars of their careers, their likes and dislikes, what they like to do in their free time, and what it means to find a dentist you love. So take a look around, soak in the Novocaine, grab a bib, and sit back and relax while you enjoy our dedicated coverage!


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