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Top Dentistry Tips To Keep Your Teeth Clean Between Appointments

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing how clean and white your smile is right after a trip to a good dentist. However, it can be tricky getting that clean smile to last, and usually, you’re back to your normal standard not too long after your dental clinic visit. A perfect smile doesn’t always come easy, but a few tricks might be able to keep you looking like you just stepped away from the dental office. Here are the top dentistry tips and tricks to keep your smile looking stellar between your regular dental cleanings.

  1. Pay attention to your gums: When you’re brushing and flossing, don’t forget to take care of your gums as well. Gums tend to get overlooked, and this can cause gum disease that prevents your smile from looking as healthy as possible...
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Gum Disease: Side Effects, Causes, and Symptoms

Do you notice signs warning against gum disease whenever you visit your dental clinic? Well, that is because it’s something everyone should take seriously. Gum disease can have major impacts on your overall health, and it can lead to some painful scenarios for your teeth and gums if you do not address it right away.

Unfortunately, gum disease is not as rare as you and your dentist might like. Almost half of adults over the age of 30 have signs of gum disease, and around 9% of adults will experience severe gum disease.

Staying educated on the causes and symptoms of gum disease can save you some extra trips to the dental clinic, so read up below to stay on top of it all. When it comes to keeping your gums as healthy as possible, these tips and guidelines may be just what you need.

Causes o...

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