Three Important Benefits of Cosmetic Dentures

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Cosmetic dentures are one of the most affordable and effective treatment options for missing or decaying teeth, and even though many people have opted to get dental implants instead of dentures, there are a few reasons why cosmetic dentures aren’t about to go away any time soon:

  • Dentures are more of a temporary treatment option for missing teeth: they can (and should) be removed regularly and cleaned. Additionally, the proper way to take care of dentures usually includes regular visits to a denture clinic, so that small adjustments can be made to the teeth and liner in order to ensure the best fit. While this can seem like a bit of a hassle for some people, the fact that cosmetic dentures aren’t permanent is often a strong selling point. If a patient doesn’t have a strong jawbone, undergoing surgery for permanent implants can be painful and the recovery time can take a while.

  • Because denturists take such care to create custom cosmetic dentures for each patient, dentures today tend to look just as real as your natural teeth. In fact, most patients receiving dentures today get to choose everything from the shade of white to the length of the teeth, and denturists can provide expert advice on the shades and shapes that will best complement each person’s smile.

  • Last but not least, cosmetic dentures aren’t just for aesthetic purposes (despite being called “cosmetic”). Because dental health is incredibly important for a body’s overall health, most dental insurance insurance plans will cover the majority of the cost of dentures. Additionally, dentures tend to cost much less than dental implants cost, and even though patients will find themselves paying for small repairs and cleaning products, it’s often more feasible for people with limited incomes to afford dentures rather than implants.

Now we’re turning to you for some help! If you have dentures, what do you like most about them, and what do you like least? Feel free to share any of your opinions with us in the comments section! Visit here for more.

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