Month: March 2022

Introducing your Child to the Idea of BracesIntroducing your Child to the Idea of Braces

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There comes a time in many children’s and teenagers’ lives when the braces discussion happens. If it hasn’t happened already, it’s likely that your child’s dentist will suggest the services of an orthodontics clinic. These clinics offer so much more than just braces to straighten your teeth. Video Source Orthodontics is actually a very precise […]

Are You Thinking About Cosmetic Dental Services?Are You Thinking About Cosmetic Dental Services?

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Are you curious about cosmetic dental services? This video goes into depth about cosmetic dentistry and several procedures someone may go through if they want to have some cosmetic dentistry done. One thing they can choose is veneers. Veneers are very thin restorative pieces a dentist can glue to the patient’s teeth. Video Source Veneers […]