4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist


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Nearly 3 million people have dental implants. With that in mind, it’s still understandable that certain individuals simply find visiting the dentist to be a scary thought. Learning a few simple strategies can help ensure that you receive your dental implant without feeling stressed out. Certain emergency situations might warrant the need for what is known as same day implants. These implants have received this term due to the fact that certain offices can create these tooth replacements within one business day. Considering that, here are four tips to help you overcome your fear of undergoing a dental implant procedure.

  1. Ask for Something to Help Calm You

    You’ll find that many dental offices are aware that patients sometimes fear to visit them. Considering that, you might it find to let the dental office that you’re visiting know how fearful you are of your upcoming procedure. In turn, staff members will help ensure that you receive something to calm you down before or during your dental appointment. Many people commonly ask for a type of gas that is known to induce feelings of calmness.
  2. Bring Someone With You for Your First Visit

    In many cases, you’ll need to have a proper dental cleaning before a dental implant can be placed. With that in mind, you’ll find it beneficial to bring someone along with for your first trip to the dentist. Many people find that having family or friends sit in the waiting room to comfort them goes a long way before the patient is ready to be seen. In fact, statistics show that nearly 15 million people in the United States have had either crown or bridge replacements to take care of missing teeth concerns. Therefore, you might find that having someone go with you who have received a tooth implant to be a great source of calmness as they can tell you what to expect.
  3. Practice Calming Breathing Techniques

    Statistics show that nearly 32% of those surveyed reported being concerned by the appearance of their teeth. With that in mind, same day dental implants are designed to help those seek relief from having missing teeth in a fast manner. If you’re able to get same day dental implants, you might feel relieved but stressed that you’ll be receiving this procedure within one day. One important method to help you find calmness while preparing for a dental appointment is to practice calming breathing techniques. There are a number of breathing exercises you can use in order to seek relief from stress. Many people find that taking deep breaths in through their noses and out through their mouths helps them to feel especially calm.
  4. Listen to Music

    Many people find that listening to music helps them get through a dental procedure. You’ll find that bringing a portable music player can help ensure you aren’t able to hear anything while receiving same day dental implants. It’s understandable that you’ll want to keep your ears covered with music to drown out any sounds using either a portable music player or smartphone. That being said, make sure that you don’t forget headphones before you leave for your appointment.

To summarize, there are several methods to utilize in order to help you feel calm while receiving same day dental implants. You’ll find it wise to contact the dental office you will visit in order to let them know of your fear of the dentist. In turn, staff members will make notes to help ensure that you receive something to help calm you either before or during your visit. Many people find it’s wise to bring someone along with them to their appointments in order to have a support system. Practicing calming breathing techniques can help you feel calm while you await your dental appointment. Many patients find that bringing along their own sources of music can help them feel calm while drowning out the sounds of dental machinery.

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