6 Common Dental Care Myths


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Dental health is important, and it’s a good idea to learn about some ways to keep your teeth clean, healthy and strong so you can have a natural set of teeth for your whole life. If you’re interested in learning more about things like dental implant costs, dental veneers or other cosmetic dentistry procedures, keep reading to review some common myths about visiting the dentist.

Myth #1: Cavities are unavoidable. False. With proper dental care and regular cleanings, cavities are 100% avoidable. Cavities are the result of plaque building up on your teeth. Plaque is a slimy coating over the tooth surface that develops when bacteria come into contact with sugary foods. Brushing your teeth after eating can reduce plaque, and this can prevent cavities. Another way to protect against cavities by getting regular fluoride treatments at the dentist. Fluoride is great because it strengthens the tooth enamel. Stronger teeth means greater resistance to cavities, and this is one of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy.

Myth #2: Dental implants are a frivolous procedure. False. Dental implant costs have gone down in recent years as professionals have recognized the benefits of this procedure. Implants can improve quality of life by replacing decayed or rotten teeth with new structures, and this can reduce pain and boost patients’ confidence after having the procedure. Talk to your dentist to see the dental implant costs at your local office. Don’t dismiss dental implants as an unnecessary cosmetic procedure, because they can truly get rid of all pain associated with unhealthy teeth.

Myth #3: Dental sedation procedures are painful. False. An oral sedation dentist specializes in putting patients under general anesthesia during the procedure, which means that you won’t feel anything while it’s happening. There might be some pain and swelling after the procedure, but this will subside within a few days. Modern advances in dental technology have greatly improved this field, and now there’s no reason to fear going to the dentist.

Myth #4: If you brush your teeth, you don’t need to have teeth cleanings at the dentist. False. Brushing and flossing every single day is important to keep your teeth clean. If you don’t brush often enough, the dentist will know when you see them at your next visit. Even if you do brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day, there are some bacteria and hardened plaque that can get stuck on your teeth. This can’t be removed with regular brushing, and you need to see your dentist for a routine cleaning to make sure this yucky and harmful coating can be removed.

Myth #5: Dental health doesn’t affect overall health. False. Actually, poor dental health has been linked to many diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and pneumonia. If small pieces of plaque or bacteria can stuck in your gums, they can enter the bloodstream and cause lots of serious problems. The best way to avoid this is by regularly practicing good dental hygiene.

Myth #6: Not everyone needs to go to the dentist. False. Even if you feel certain that you’re doing everything you can to keep your teeth healthy and clean, you should still see the dentist. Sometimes a small cavity can develop and you might not even be able to feel it. The dentist will be able to find such a cavity and fix it before it gets to be a bigger problem.

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