An Unexpected Downfall of our Longer Lifespans


Cavitation dental

There was a time when we all would have counted ourselves lucky to live to middle age. This is also around the time George Washington was flashing his mahogany-assisted grin, and being praised for having all one’s teeth was akin to being called a Kim Kardashian look-alike today.

Times are different now. Thanks to modern hygiene technology, beauty standards have gotten a little stricter. It’s not enough now to simply have teeth-one must have good teeth, white teeth. On the bright side, our lifespans have nearly doubled, but with these extra decades comes extra wear and tear on the body. Nothing suffers the slow, grinding march of the decades more than our smiles. Tooth enamel is stronger than even our bones, but it’s not invincible. In fact, nearly 1/3rd of the American population over the age of 75 have no remaining teeth at all, and the break-neck speed of modern life makes essential tooth care like flossing beyond a full 50% of Americans, who don’t even claim to floss every day.

We’re not going to scold you for your slap-dash mouth hygiene habits. And we’re certainly not going to tell you to go through your extra long life without playing intense hockey, eating delicious salt water taffy, or joining a boxing gym–life happens, and when your teeth tap out, modern dental technology is here to save the day in the form of an implant dentist. An implant dentist can equip you with partial dentures, a bridge, or a single replacement, and George Washington’s cherrywood chompers are a thing of the distant past. Natural looking dentures are the promise of any implant dentist worth their salt(water taffy), and can increase your comfort and confidence tenfold.

We face the world with our smiles, and we no longer feel kinship with the beauty standards of our ancestors. We are of the time of glossy magazine covers, 14 hour work days in buildings that touch the sky, 12” sandwiches sporting crunchy onions (ouch), and constant pressure to look our best. New dentures put in by a cosmetic dentist will help you feel right at home in this century and may very well last you into the next one.

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