Are Innovative Dental Plants in Your Future?


Do you feel unattractive because you have chipped, broken or cracked teeth? Are you missing teeth but not enough to get dentures? Having healthy teeth makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to feeling sure of yourself. It is quite difficult trying to express yourself with discolored teeth that make you not want to speak, eat in front of others or smile.

Don’t let bad teeth hold you back from having a fulfilling life and career. More people are understanding the impact dental health has on their lives and enjoying the use of technology which makes getting dental implants much easier. Stop hiding and start smiling by having dental implants put in. Nearly three million people have dental implants with the amount of people choosing dental implants expected to grow by 500,000 a year. The dental industry has seen many improvements over the years too. So, getting dental implants has become an exciting option with innovative technology making its mark.

More and More People Are Getting Dental Implants

There are many different types of dental implants available with breakthroughs in the industry that prove to increase the overall standards and quality of products. Recent developments for dental technology have made it easy to look forward to getting dental implants with attractive advances. Now you can get computer-designed implants for satisfactory bone stability which is the ultimate goal in dentistry. Dental implants play a vital role is making sure your jaw bone structure stays strong.

Reducing Bone Loss Is the Goal

Crestal bone loss can be avoided. While bone loss is still a threat when it comes to having successful dental implants put in, there is still time to keep bone loss from happening. Dental practitioners are now able to use computer aided design as well as computer aided manufacturing for implants, otherwise known as CAD-CAM. This type of technology allows for exact duplicates of teeth that are missing so secure implants can be placed. Replicas are put in empty spaces once a defective tooth has been removed. This revolutionary technology allows dentists to efficiently and effectively create better dental implants for their patients through specialty and cosmetic dentistry.

What Are Antibacterial Dental Coatings?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep bacteria growth from happening in your mouth? Antibacterial dental implant coating products are another breakthrough for dental technology. This revolutionary coating affords the possibility of reducing the development of bacteria so the life of dental implants is increased. It may not be widely available yet, but you can certainly discuss is with your dentist.

Why Are Antibacterial Coatings Helpful?

While it may seem obvious why antibacterial coatings are helpful, the fact is that the foods you eat can cause erosion, especially foods with a high acid content. The erosion is the perfect place for bacteria to grow on dental enamel and implants. Since the compounds used in dental implants are created to be just like natural teeth, they can also erode like natural teeth. With antibacterial coatings people with dental implants can eat and drink anything they like without the threat of damaging or destroying their implants.

A dental implant can last for up to 20 years. Other options such as dentures are only good for about 7 years. It is always a good idea to discuss your options with your dentist so you can learn more about promising new technology that makes it easier to take better care of your overall oral health.

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