Are You Concerned About Your Smile After Losing Teeth? Dental Implants May Be Best


When you have a missing tooth, one way to replace it is to get a dental implant. This is an expensive option, but it comes with plenty of advantages. While there are many advantages and disadvantages of dental implants, the big disadvantage for many is the high cost. You can expect to pay about $3,000 for one tooth. You will pay all on 4 dental implants cost about $12,000. However, if you know about dental implants, you no doubt know that this solution comes with a number of important advantages.

Some of the advantages of dental implants include their strength and durability of implants. They are made to be good for life, and they look just like a regular, natural tooth. Another of the advantages of implant technology is that they are easy to care for. You don’t have to do anything more for them than you do for your natural teeth. One of the disadvantages is that it takes a long time to get a dental implant. There are several stages that you have to go through, and you will see your doctor three to four times after the implant surgery to work on each stage in the implant process.

Full dental implants

A century prior to today, about half of North American adults had no teeth left whatsoever. Now, due to better maintenance and knowledge, less than 10% of senior citizens are missing teeth.

If you are dealing with missing teeth, whether it be just one or all of them, you may want to consider the best dental implants available, administered by the best cosmetic dentist in your area. More than half of people who have cosmetic dental procedures done are 41 to 60 years old.

Dental implants consist of titanium roots to which are affixed abutments. Over the abutments are placed ceramic crowns, which resemble authentic teeth but are meant of substitutes. If all of your teeth are missing, all on 4 dental implants are likely what you want.

All this said, cosmetic dentistry can be expensive. For example, the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics reports that adult braces in America typically cost $4,800. On an annual basis, people in the United States buy tooth whitening solutions in the amount $1.4 billion.

If you have additional questions or comments about all on 4 dental implants in particular, or if you have insight on how to find a cosmetic dentist you can trust, be sure to share your thoughts in the section below. Continue.

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