Better Smiling Through Orthodontics


Valparaiso orthodontist

Any Munster orthodontist could tell you, children smile an average of 400 times every day, regardless of whether or not their teeth are straight. But as we grow older, we become more and more self conscious about our smile. So proper orthodontic care as children to correct an improper bite (technically known as a malocclusion) is a way of insuring peace of mind years down the road.

Indiana has no shortage of orthodontists. Just do a quick search. You will find Lowell orthodontists, Merrillville orthodontists, Portage orthodontists, St. john orthodontists, Valparaiso orthodontists, Munster orthodontists… Name an Indiana city, and chances are you can find a qualified dentist who has successfully completed a graduate program in orthodontics, thus earning the right to be known as an orthodontist.

Most orthodontists spend the majority of their day straightening teeth. The sight of braces on a grinning middle school photo is by no means unusual, and rightly so. The process is incredibly common, and the methods are becoming more and more refined every day. A qualified Munster orthodontist can expertly thread the wire through metal brackets to align the teeth of your child in precisely the correct way to insure a proper bite and winning smile for life. And if that argument fails to persuade your child of the importance of a trip to the orthodontist, remind them that an armadillo has 104 teeth, so it could be much worse. That usually does the trick.

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