Cosmetic Dental Services


Bayside cosmetic dentistry services

If you want new teeth in a day or otherwise want to improve your smile, there are many different cosmetic dental services that you can choose from. The average cosmetic dentistry patient spends between five and six thousand dollars. However, most people consider a good smile to be an important business and social asset, so this money can often be seen as a good investment in one’s future.

Right now, dental implants are a popular service. If you want new teeth in a day, this is the service for you. Dental implants come in several different forms. Mini dental implants, for instance, are small diameter implants and sometimes come in a form that is just inserted into a patient’s gums. A normal dental implant, however, is a permanent replacement for a missing tooth that is inserted into the socket of a missing tooth. You may be able to get new teeth in a day, but they do take a little while to heal. Over six to twelve weeks, the implant heals into the jawbone. Afterwards, it acts and is treated as a natural tooth.

If you are not looking for new teeth in a day, there are other services that might interest you. Adult braces now come in forms that have a low impact on your appearance, so you do not need to feel self conscious if you want to straighten your teeth. Right now, adult braces cost around $4,800 on average. Two thirds of patients getting cosmetic dental work right now are women, but these issues effect both sexes, so if you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth and you want to do something about it, cosmetic dentists can help you to find solutions that match your problems and your budget. More research here.

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