Cosmetic Dentistry Offering Hope For Those With Dental Problems


Need a dentist

Every needs a dentist at some point in their lives. Ideally, you should be seeing a dentist on a regular basis. But of course, this isn’t the reality for everyone. And certainly, there is more to the care and keeping of teeth than simply going to the dentist for a cleaning every now and then. Now more than ever, the upkeep of your teeth isn’t just about health but about the cosmetic appearance of teeth. Cosmetic dentists are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Some of us need good-looking teeth in order to succeed in our desired fields. Others feel insecure about teeth they have, and want them to look better for emotional reasons. Some of us fit into neither of those boxes and simply want the best-looking teeth possible. No matter what your reasoning, everyone deserves to have great-looking teeth. You shouldn’t feel that you need to explain yourself. If you don’t think that your teeth look their best — even if you’ve neglected your teeth for years — there are many ways that cosmetic dentistry can help you. You just have to be ready to take the leap.

Our Teeth Today: The Reality

If you’re embarrassed by the fact that you haven’t been diligent about your tooth care, don’t be. Many of us have “slacked off” a bit and need a dentist more than we’d like to admit. In fact, only 28.7% of women and 20.5% of men brush their teeth following every meal, as is recommended. Only 56.8% of women and 49% of men brush their teeth twice a day. There are many ways that the failure to brush your teeth can affect you in the long-term. Cavities are certainly well-known, painful side effects of the failure to brush teeth. But perhaps even more troubling is the fact that, often, cavities and dental rot can lead to cosmetic dental problems. It’s one thing to have a cavity in one of your molars — that is, a tooth that no one sees. It’s another problem entirely to experience rot in a visible tooth. Not all cosmetic dental issues are the result of a failure in dental care, either. Many are genetic. It can be difficult to fix an issue you were born with, especially when you’ve become used to living with that issue. Some problems fixed by cosmetic dentists are very minor — like staining resulting from constant coffee-drinking, for example. Teeth whitening is fairly general dental care for cosmetic dentists. Other problems are much bigger, like those faced by people who’ve broken teeth in falls and accidents. No matter how big or small your problem, it’s vital that you see a cosmetic dentist as soon as possible.

Problem Solving: What A Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You

With 32% of people feeling unsatisfied with their smiles, it’s clear that many of us feel that we could benefit from some cosmetic dentistry. But what are you looking for? As previously mentioned, some of us have been made to feel insecure through yellowing or stained teeth. One simple procedure is the classic teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can be done in several different ways, often requiring multiple sessions for the best effects. Some people choose to have their teeth whitened on a regular basis, so happy are they with the results. Others want a bit more permanent solution to their cosmetic issues. These problems aren’t just limited to discoloration, though. Crooked or chipped teeth can be corrected through porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are a bit more permanent than a tooth whitening session, often lasting years before they need to be replaced. This procedure results not only in bright white teeth, but uniformly shaped teeth as well. Doubtlessly, you’ll be happy with your porcelain veneers. But with that being said, they aren’t for everyone. Even people with missing teeth, however, needn’t feel hopeless. Dental implants can be an answer for those with more serious, permanent dental issues.

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