Cosmetic Dentists Can Preserve Your Smile


Oxnard all in 4 dental implants

Odontophobia is a very real condition – a fear of going to the dentist – and it’s formally listed in the Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). So, you’re not alone if you find yourself letting dental issues become more pressing (or even chronic) before seeking proper medical attention or researching the best cosmetic dentists in your area.
The problem with this approach is that when a tooth reaches a certain point of decay, it’s no longer salvageable, and it’s also not healthy to leave dead teeth in the mouth for extended periods of time; this is a primary opportunity for infection to spread. Root canals have always been the primary solution for dealing with dead teeth, and technology has made them much less painful than their reputation would have you believe.
Once teeth are permanently lost, there are two primary routes to replacing them. The age-old method is with dentures.The newer, more efficient means of replacing dead teeth is with a dental implant, which is now a specialty of many cosmetic dental practices. Generally, cosmetic dental procedures include tooth reshaping, crown lengthening, teeth whitening, bonding and veneers, but implants are being offered increasingly as part of this general menu. Dental implants, however, are more expensive than dentures and are often not covered by individual dental insurance. Dentures usually are.
Dentures, if you’re not familiar are false teeth. And their quality has greatly improved over the last 20 years, they still need to be secured with denture adhesive. Dentures can also potentially slide out of place while speaking (or eating!), which is an embarrassing calamity, particularly for dating seniors. Worse yet, if they’re not fitted properly, partial dentures can promote decay and/or infection in the surrounding teeth when they’re not properly fitted. This increases odds of needing a filling on the adjacent tooth. Still, if your gums of jawbones are weak or weathered, dentures may be the best choice (and most affordable).
If you’re oral health is good but you’ve still got some missing teeth, the best cosmetic dentists are likely going to recommend implants – replacement teeth that are surgically fused to the jawbone and can last for over 20 years with proper care. or more without the need for replacement.
Dental implants have a 98% success rate and take from six to twelve weeks to heal, letting the gums and jawbone grow around the post and securing it in the jaw. Discount dental plans may be available, so don’t let odontophobia keep you from lasting oral health; search for ‘best cosmetic dentists’ in your area now!

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