Dental Assistants Are In High Demand How You Can Get Hands-On Experience With A DANB Certificate


More Americans than ever before are in dire need of good dental work.

Periodontal disease is on the rise. An estimated one out of three adults today is living with at least one cavity, if not several. More serious issues, like wisdom teeth removal and missing teeth, are still not being addressed for fear of poor results or expensive bills. When you apply for employment at a dental practice you reach out to millions of adults and children in need of relief. This is one of today’s fastest growing medical fields and one you can be apart of with the aid of a vocational school.

What are the benefits of hands-on dental training? Find out more below.

More People Today Need To Visit A Dental Office

Americans are facing a crisis of oral health. Far too many are living with bleeding gums and aching teeth, putting them at a higher risk for long-term health complications. This can include permanent nerve damage caused by untended root canals and long-term jaw pain, among others. Employment at a dental practice can be done in a myriad of ways. While some prefer obtaining their degree online, live clinic training will give you useful first-hand experience in meeting with people face-to-face.

The Dental Industry Is One Of The Most Trusted

With the aid of a good dental school you’ll enjoy the privilege of being apart of one of today’s most trusted medical fields. Dentistry is still considered in the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the United States. Back in 2017 nearly 127 million American adults visited a dentist. Your work as a dental assistant will include a mixture of medical knowledge and public resources. Anything less would be offering people a lackluster experience.

You’ll Face A Wide Variety Of Challenges

No two dental visits are the same. One might be finally visiting a dentist for the first time in years, getting a consultation on where to go next. Another will be swinging by for their yearly teeth cleaning session. One-by-one you’ll build your resume off of a wide variety of experiences. Employment at a dental practice is best done with a little experience under your belt. Some fear the dentist’s office and need a calm, experienced professional to help bring out their best.

Dental Assistants Receive Steady Hours And Good Pay

How much do dental assistants make? According to a survey provided by the Occupational Employment Statistics program the mean annual wage of dental assistants in Arizona was just under $40,000. This same survey saw over 7,000 employed in the state. Many dentists today are passionate about their career field beyond pay. They want to make sure all Americans are living their healthiest life.

Employment At A Dental Practice Will Give You Hands-On Experience

You need real-world experience. While online classes are convenient, they’re still no substitute for getting down and dirty with all the unpredictability of working life. A DANB CDA certification will fill in the gap and finally propel you to the career you deserve. Today over 90% of DANB CDA Certificants say they view dental assisting as a way of life, rather than just a job. According to recent survey results nearly 70% of dental assistants have received a raise in their current position.

Start a new career the right way. Reach out to a dental school clinic and get some hard experience under your belt.

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