Dental Implants and Snap-On Teeth are a Match to Make You Smile!


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Dental implants are a great alternative to slipping and sliding dentures, especially since they mimic the look and feel of real teeth, but the potentially lengthy time between implant and prosthetic placement means that not everyone is willing to consider the procedure.

No one, especially someone already seeking cosmetic dental work, wants to walk around with holes in their smile, even if it’s only temporary. However, appliances like bridges and stayplates that cover holes are often uncomfortable and may put too much pressure on the surgery spot, making it more difficult to heal. They also hinder chewing and speech.

Snap-on Teeth provide a cost-effective alternative to painful, cumbersome appliances and give patients a way to smile even while waiting for their permanent prosthetic. Snap-on Teeth are easy to create, comfortable, and don’t require any unsightly clasps.

Snap-on teeth operate like retainers in that they’re supported by the patient’s own teeth. As the name would suggest, they snap onto the row of teeth without covering the palate and altering speech. The appliance is also easy to remove so that patients are able to keep the surgical site clean and healthy until their next cosmetic dental surgery.

The process is actually fairly simple. A bite record is cast as a mold and sent to a lab, with instructions to integrate an appliance to replace the missing teeth. The device is delivered immediately after the initial cosmetic dental surgery and implant placement so the patient can walk out with perfect looking teeth even before full dental implants are created.

It’s also a perfect solution for areas where bridges are difficult to apply without altering the surrounding teeth through cosmetic dental surgery.

Patients are often impressed with how comfortable and easy to clean the appliance is, and it makes their wait time between implant placement and finalization much easier to deal with. Ask your family dentist if Snap-On Teeth can be used for your cosmetic dental treatment! Great references here.

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