Dentist Rumors Debunked


In this video, you will learn about a dentist. There are some dental myths that need to be debunked. One of the first rumors is that sugar causes cavities.

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We have bacteria in our mouths, but sugar does not necessarily cause cavities. The next rumor is that electric toothbrushes are better than regular toothbrushes. This is not always the case. Next, white teeth don’t necessarily mean they are healthy. Some people have more enamel than others. Enamel is like the armor of your teeth. If you do not have the type of teeth that appear white after whitening, you may need veneers. The next myth is that there is no such thing as brushing too much. If you brush too hard, you might ruin your gums. YOu also might break down your enamel too much. This is how you get sensitivity. Drinking with a straw is not better for your teeth. Unless it is done the right way, this does not work. Most people will drink through the straw and swish it around in the straw. Drink liquid fast if you can. Keep watching this video for more dental myths.

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