Do You Often Drink Coffee Or Energy Drinks? You Could Be Wearing Down Your Teeth’s Natural Enamel


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We take care of our health in little and large ways. When we’re feeling ill? We might pop some painkillers to take the edge off the fever. When we’re feeling dizzy in hot weather? We drink a cold glass of water. When it comes to mouth health, we have to put forth small efforts every day and night to prevent the onset of cavities, gum diseases or plaque build-up. This is where dentists come in. When even brushing and flossing twice per day isn’t enough to keep some nasty ailments at bay, your dentist will go the extra mile and nip tooth decay or gingivitis in the bud. Below are the most common bad habits American adults engage in when it comes to oral health, followed close behind with tips on how you can keep yourself smiling beautifully all days of the year.

Consuming A Lot Of Sweets

We live in a very modern world. Tasty snacks and sweet drinks are incredibly easy to come by. Unfortunately, this spells bad news for our teeth and gums. Researches have found that regular exposure to energy drinks such as Rockstar and Monster have resulted in twice as much enamel loss as exposure to sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade. While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of sweets or a touch of caffeine, moderation is the key!

Not Drinking Enough Water

Doctors recommend adults drink six to eight glasses of water per day. Sadly, most American adults can barely get in one or two. Coffee, sports drinks and alcohol is much more common and, as a result, sees people dehydrated and depriving their body of the water content it needs to thrive. Not only is water necessary for your basic bodily functions, the fluoride inside can prevent cavities. One 2012 study from the Journal Of Pediatric Dentistry, in fact, saw over 60% of parents not knowing how much fluoride their bottled water had.

Forgetting To Brush And Floss

Your mouth cleans itself naturally, due in no small part to natural foods such as fruit and regularly drinking water. Brushing and flossing, however, is how you catch everything else that falls through the cracks. Brushing massages your gums and stimulates healthy blood flow, while flossing gets rid of harmful bacteria that the brush can’t reach. An adult dentist and pediatric dentist alike will recommend you brush and floss twice daily.

Fearing The Dentist Office

Many Americans are fearful of the dentist’s office. In fact, some studies have suggested this number could be as high as 15% of the population! When you’re worried about getting a root canal checked or a cavity filled, or perhaps have a child who doesn’t want to go, there’s always sedation. Pediatric dental sedation, in fact, is becoming a more widespread practice due to the prevalence of dentist office fears. Over 250,000 sedation processes are performed each year for minor and major oral health issues.

Set Up Your Next Dentist Appointment

It’s recommended you visit the dentist at least once per year, if not once every six months. For those that have gone on longer without a trip, it’s more than possible you could have some hidden problems and not even know. Dentists can help you prevent tooth decay with regular teeth cleaning and a pediatric dentist can offer your child the means of developing a healthy mouth as they get older. For those who need implants or perhaps a teeth whitening service, look no further than your local cosmetic dentists. Small efforts go a long way. Will you put in a little work for your healthy smile?

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