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Most Americans are greatly invested in the health and appearance of their teeth, as a healthy mouth of teeth means an attractive smile and few very, if any, problems with tooth loss or infection. Many American adults today have a regular dentist whom they visit once or twice per year for cleanings, checkups, X-rays, and the like. Meanwhile, parents may find good pediatric dentists for their children, and every town or city should have at least a few pediatric dental practices to expand a parent’s dental options for the family. A person may also need to look up dentists online if they move to a new area or when their child becomes old enough to start seeing the dentist. Someone living near Coral Gables, Florida, could search “Coral Gables dentists near me” or someone in San Diego could search “good dentists in San Diego CA.” These clients may be looking for family dentists, or perhaps they are looking for cosmetic dentists.

Find a Good Dentist Near You

As mentioned above, someone who moves to a new city or state should look for a number of medical services for themselves and their family, and that certainly includes finding a dentist’s office. A person may specify their home city or town with an online search, and that may be a general search such as “Florida Coral Gables dentists offices” or enter “coral gables dentist pediatrics.” A search like “San Diego dentists” or “Coral Gables dentists” can be further refined with the client’s ZIP code to keep all of the results local. The client may also specify that they are looking for a family dentist, or a cosmetic dentist instead.

Doing this may yield a whole list of results, and the client can eliminate any dentist offices that are too far to visit, those that aren’t accepting new patients, or those that don’t accept the client’s health insurance. Meanwhile, the client may visit the rest of them in person to finish evaluating them. The client will get a clear and solid impression of a dental practice when they visit, and of course they can and should consult the dentists and dental assistants who work there. The client may learn about each staff member’s credentials, work history, patient reviews, and more. And if the client is looking for a family or pediatric dentist, it is a good idea to bring along any and all children in the household, too. Children may get their own impression of a dentist’s office, and if the children feel comfortable there and get along with the staff, that dentist’s office may be a strong candidate. The client may repeat this process a few (or even many) times until they find an dentist’s office that suits their needs, and sign up.

Standard Cosmetic Dentistry

Broadly speaking, cosmetic dentistry is dentistry that concerns itself with the appearance and form of teeth, and dealing with tooth infections or cavities is a different concept. A patient may visit cosmetic dentists not to deal with infected teeth, but rather, enhance the appearance of their teeth. This may begin with tooth whitening, as most beauty standards call for white, clear teeth in people of all ages, men and women alike. If a person allows too much plaque to build up on the teeth, that may harden into tartar that discolors the teeth, often considered quite ugly. Using tobacco products may also discolor the teeth, so Americans are urged to keep their teeth white by brushing regularly and avoiding tobacco use. If the teeth are already discolored, then tooth whitening services and products can help.

Meanwhile, cosmetic dentistry may replace missing teeth or enhance existing ones. A damaged or worn-out tooth can have a crown placed on it to protect it and restore its function, and missing teeth can be replaced with dental bridges. For those unaware, a dental bridge is a realistic replica tooth that fits into the mouth where a lost tooth once was. Covers fixed on either side of that false tooth slip over the real teeth flanking the gap, allowing the false tooth to stay fixed in position. This can restore a person’s smile and also making eating and speech easier. Dentures, meanwhile, can replace all of the mouth’s teeth at once.

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