Five Helpful Tips to Help Become a Dentist


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As of June 2, 2012, the average dentist in the United States was making more than $101 thousand a year, according to the Bureau of Statistics. The combination of a high salary, the ability to help people, and the overall dentist lifestyle will make becoming a dentist the top choice for many individuals who are trying to determine their career path. However, there are many dental ADA practices and standards that could make doing so difficult. In order to learn all of the proper techniques and get approved by the American Dental Association, anyone hoping to become a dentist should take advantage of helpful tips.

1. Before even beginning an education geared towards becoming a dentist, it can be a good idea to intern or work in a dental office. Doing so will help them learn some procedures and what running a dental practice entails. This can give individuals a better idea of what is dentistry and help them better understand if becoming a dentist is the right choice.

2. In high school, students who are thinking about becoming a dentist should focus on subjects like science, that are integral to success in any medical field. More specifically, chemistry, biology, and even anatomy, if it is available, can be quite beneficial. And, taking college prep or other advanced classes is always a good idea.

3. Though individuals to not have to get a pre dental undergraduate degree to become a dentist, they will need to meed dental ADA requirements. Some advanced courses in biology, biochemistry, and physics are recommended for individuals who want to meet pre dental requirements.

4. There really is no rush to head to dental schools. In fact, the majority of individuals who go on to become a dentist actually earn a four year degree before doing so. Anyone who heads to dental schools without already having a four year degree will be in the minority in the United States.

5. Take the time to do a bit of research and find the top dental schools. Every student is unique, and will have different needs and goals when it comes to improving their education. Because of that, there might not be one school that is right for everyone. Consequently, doing some research online and working with counselors to find the right fit is a good idea.

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