How Anxiety and Dentisrty Go Hand in Hand


What is TMJ syndrome? If you have been diagnosed, you know that it can be one of the most frightening and painful conditions that go on inside your mouth, which is why initially, you might have wondered if you should call your doctor or see your dentist based on this condition. TMJ, which is widely referred to as temporomandibular joint syndrome by doctors, is a jaw joint problem that can take place due to a variety of different issues. It can happen due to chewing, grinding our teeth in our sleep, and more. You might have discovered this condition in a painful way when, chewing food one day, you felt sharp pain or your jaw locked up, causing immense pain that required an ice pack to heal. And, maybe that relief was only temporary and now you are wondering what options you have.

TMJ pain is not an easy thing to endure, but TMJ treatment is completely achievable. If you have a problem with jaw locking and you are in need of help, a dental clinic will be able to take a closer look and help you get through this difficult and painful condition that has been wreaking havoc on your life.

Managing TMJ Pain with the Help of a Dentist

TMJ, as we mentioned, can take place for a variety of different reasons, some of which include trauma (such as from an accident or grinding teeth in your sleep over a long period of time), clenching, osteoarthritis that affects our joints, and many other reasons. In fact, one of the most common reasons for TMJ pain is anxiety. You might not know this but the pain that you feel in your mouth can actually be directly impacted by the anxiety you feel on a daily basis, as we sometimes grind our teeth when we are feeling stressed – without actually knowing it! In 2015 alone, approximately 20% of adults across America claimed that they were suffering from anxiety when they visited their dentist. Some of these same people experienced anxiety due to the condition of their teeth and mouth.

TMJ pain is a growing problem for many people in the U.S. In fact, approximately 12% of people in our country will experience a TMJ-related disorder at any given time, especially when stress is highest in their lives due to outside factors or other health-related problems. Women actually tend to be affected by this condition more than men, with 9 women out of every one man experiencing some type of pain from this horrendous disorder that leaves more questions than answers every year.

Experiencing TMJ can be one of the most distressing things that you have happen to you, but the good news is that a dentist can help you manage this condition. With many ways that a dentist can help you cope when you believe you are dealing with TMJ-related pain, it might be time to give your dentist a call so that you can ditch the pain and ensure that your mouth is getting the care it needs and deserves. Call your local dental clinic to ensure that you receive the TMJ care you deserve so that you can get back to living your normal life without intense mouth pain.

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