How Dentists Perform Teeth Cleanings


Every dentist is different when it comes to their method of cleaning teeth, but they also run into common scenarios that patients may not be aware of. When a dentist is working on your mouth, take care not to bump their arm or move your head, especially if they have instruments in your mouth. Dentists understand that you may need to communicate, which means they’re watching for signs you need to say something. Another issue dentists are aware of is the fact patients don’t always brush before their cleaning appointment, but don’t worry.

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You’re not going to get judged by the dentist, but you may find that your gums bleed more than you expected.

During a cleaning, you may have a conversation with your dentist about bacteria and oral hygiene. Everyone has their own healthy bacteria, but sharing toothbrushes or intimate contact with a romantic partner results in the swapping of bacteria. Dentists recommend not sharing your toothbrush, and be especially vigilant with your oral hygiene if you have a romantic partner. If you’re concerned about damage or whitening your teeth, dentists can recommend techniques that help you prevent stains from taking hold and how to avoid chipping your teeth. Regular visits to your dentist help you become familiar with their teeth cleaning techniques while gaining insight into the current condition of your teeth and techniques to keep them healthy.


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