Learn How Invisible Aligners Work


What are invisible aligners? And how do they work? Get a good insight into how these dental treatments work in your tooth and mouth.

How do invisible aligners work? Clear or invisible aligners work like any other orthodontic appliance; they apply pressure that gradually moves the teeth and reshapes the supporting bone.

The process starts by capturing the shape of the patient’s teeth by taking scans or impressions.

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Once it is scanned, the doctor will then discuss how the teeth should be straightened and submit the case via their online database. An application creates a series of virtual models of the teeth, processing from crooked to straight. These models are printed by a 3D printer and made clear plastic trays called aligners.

These aligners are then snapped into the patient’s teeth and wear them all day and all night. It is recommended that these invisible aligners can only be taken out for a drink, eating, and brushing purposes.

Each aligner applies a certain pressure to a particular tooth and pushes them closer to the desired position. As soon as the patient wears them, it then applies pressure to a specific tooth, and the tooth can only move a small distance at a time. If the pressure of the liners is interrupted in a long period of time, the process has to start over from scratch that’s why it is important to wear these aligners 22 hours a day.


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