Mini Dental Implant Procedure


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Did you know the first dental implant-esque procedure was done over 1,300 years ago on a Mayan woman who had pieces of shell hammered into her gums? Since then, American dental care has improved drastically. Cosmetic dental work is a major part of the dental industry as more people seek help for their oral health issues.

There is a growing number of people who are missing teeth: Around 38 percent of American adults 35 to 44 years old are missing at least one tooth, while 35 percent of those over 65 are missing all of their teeth. This is an oral health epidemic, yet there are options to restore the look of your teeth.

An implant dentist will be able to perform a dental implant procedure to give restore your confidence. The dental implant industry is expanding rapidly and boasts a 98% success rate.


  • Implants are permanent
  • They are stronger and more durable than crowns or bridges
  • They are cavity-resistant and stable

Dental Mini Implant: A dental mini implant is an alternative to a full dental implant and is mostly used within narrow spaces. Usually a mini implant dental procedure is done for small teeth and incisors as well as used in lower jaw dentures.

Differences between a dental mini implant and traditional implants:

  • The mini implant is half the size of a traditional implant
  • They cost less
  • Mini implants are not fully submerged in the bone and tissue
  • No bone grafting is necessary for a dental mini implant
  • They offer support without a screw

The Mini Implant Procedure: A small titanium implant that serves as the root of your tooth is placed in your gums and jaw bone. The top, or head, of the implant is shaped like a ball, and the retaining fixture is a socket that contains a circular ring. This circular ring snaps over the ball when the denture is in place; this hold the denture and creates force to keep it from moving.

The denture then rests on the gum tissue and provides small mobility for the false tooth in order to withstand and outside force — such as eating an apple.

No surgical incision or sutures are required for the mini implant dental procedure, unlike the traditional procedure. Therefore no bleeding, swelling, or inflammation should occur.

Mini Dental Implant Costs: Depending on what kind of work you need done before the procedure (do you need teeth pulled?), the type of implant used, and what type of dental clinic or specialist you see, the procedure can cost anywhere between $400 and $1,200.
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