Most People Wait To See A Dentist Every Three Years Why You Should Start Going Yearly


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How are your teeth looking? Do you smile regularly and with confidence? If your answer is somewhere on the meh side, consider you may be overdue for a visit to your concierge dental group. Providing everything from check-ups to teeth cleanings to cosmetic dentistry services, that brilliant smile you feel is out of your grasp can be yours and in good fashion. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is a habit many don’t put in their planners, putting a healthy smile at risk and indirectly impacting job prospects, dating opportunities and good, old-fashioned self-esteem. Below is a list detailing the benefits of dental implants, how to obtain brighter teeth and what cosmetic dental care can offer you. Let’s talk teeth!

Common Concerns Americans Share About Their Teeth

Did you know a survey saw nearly 20% of respondents saying they cover their teeth in photos? Many Americans are insecure about their smile and find themselves struggling in vain to capture that seemingly ever-elusive beautiful smile. A study conducted by the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry saw over half of the adult respondents over the age of 50 agreeing a smile stays attractive no matter how old we get. So what impact does a good smile have on your life?

The General Impact A Good Smile Has On Your Life

A beautiful smile goes a long way. Studies have shown more than three-quarters of adults feel an unattractive can hurt their career success, whether it’s getting accepted for a job they’ve applied for or reaching that coveted promotion. Another study saw an overwhelming majority of respondents at 96% believing an attractive smile makes them attractive to prospective partners in the dating scene.

Popular Benefits Of Good Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Not everyone visits the dentist as often as they should. When you do regularly touch base with a concierge dental group, however, the results can be seen for miles around. Americans spend an impressive $1 billion on teeth whitening products every single year, with 82% in a teeth whitening survey saying they saw a noticeable difference before and after the procedure. It’s not all on the surface, however. Healthy teeth come from within. How often do you floss?

Essential Daily Tips For Healthy Teeth

Shiny white teeth do better when they’re healthy. Studies have shown over 70% of Americans have some form of periodontal disease, with over 80% of people getting at least one cavity, if not several, by the time they’re 17 years old. Gingivitis is also highly common and can be caused by not flossing enough or hereditary reasons. When over 30 million Americans are missing multiple teeth in both jaws, it’s essential to make sure you don’t neglect brushing and flossing. Both should be done at least once per day, if not twice per day, and a mouthwash can help knock out additional bacteria.

When To Visit A Dentist

A concierge dental group should be your go-to resource for a healthy smile. They can reshape your teeth should there be any cracks, restore worn or short teeth, remove yellow spots and encourage healthier gums in just a matter of sessions, which is nothing to say of follow-up dental care and teeth implants. The average time people wait for another dental appointment is at least three years — a lot can happen in that time, making it imperative you nip any smaller issues in the bud before they become major problems with major costs. A healthy smile can impact your dating scene, affect your job prospects and just make you feel good about yourself. Why wait? Get to know a concierge dental group and look into cosmetic dentistry today.

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