Plantar Fasciitis: What It Is And How You Can Relieve Your Heel Pain


plantar fasciitis night splintIf you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you’re not alone. Plantar fasciitis is defined as the overuse of the fascia tissue that extends from your toes to your heel. Small tears can appear at the surface of the fascia tissue, which supports the arch of the foot and the muscles located there when they’ve been stretched beyond their normal capacity.

Approximately 1 million people around the globe undergo amputations annually and while the pain from plantar fasciitis may not be the cause for amputation, it may very well cause some patients to wish for it in some extreme cases. The pain caused by plantar fasciitis can be awful with hot spikes coursing up into the leg from the heel area when pressure is applied to the foot. This kind of injury is often caused by being on your feet for several hours throughout the day or if:

  • You have an abnormal positioning of your foot
  • You have an abnormal or unusual walk
  • You have flat feet
  • You have a significantly high foot arch
  • You suffer from tight Achilles tendons
  • You often wear shoes with thin soles
  • You often wear shoes with high heels

Fortunately, there are ways to ease the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Walkabout Orthotics can provide you with the best plantar fasciitis night splint Wausau WI can offer.

plantar fasciitis night splint gently covers the affected foot and positions it to a dorsiflexion of 90 degrees, stretching the fascia and therefore relieving the pain that often results from a patient’s first step out of bed in the morning.

Additionally, the night splint can help with enhancing mobility by providing a sustainable stretch to the calf muscles and Achilles tendon, which can often cause added pain in regards to plantar fasciitis. The use of wearing a plantar fasciitis night splint to bed can improve a patient’s heel pain significantly and allow them to move and walk without feeling the extremity of the pain caused by their injury.

If you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or are experiencing chronic heel-related pain, consider contacting your local orthotist at Walkabout Orthotics. A plantar fasciitis night splint may benefit your mobility and relieve your pain.

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