Preparing for a Virtual Orthodontic Exam How To Take Photos of Your Teeth


However strange they may sound, virtual consultations and orthodontic exams are more common today than you might think. Having the chance to fix your teeth problems without stepping a foot outside your home is now more possible than ever. With the growing trend of at-home aligners, orthodontists can help you virtually.

It has been a while already since online dental consultations have become available. But due to the pandemic, the popularity of virtual orthodontics has skyrocketed during the past year.

Generally, you would have to remain seated during your virtual exam appointment. Whether you’re at work or at home, you have the choice to fit the exam in your schedule.

You know how priceless your time is and understand how a virtual dental exam is in line with this. Without having to wait unnecessary long hours or days before the orthodontist can fit you in the office schedule, you can take the exam anytime.

In this short yet detailed video from Eberle Orthodontics, you’ll discover the best way of taking photos of your teeth before going for a virtual orthodontic exam. You’ll have to watch until the end of the video to learn if you should use a flash when taking the picture. Apart from this, you’ll also come to know various other tips that can help you complete the preliminary step before your virtual consultation for metal braces or aligners.

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