Quiz How Much Do You Know About Dentistry?


The job of a dentist isn’t just to clean your teeth twice a year. Dentistry is actually the full study of the mouth and all of the potential illnesses and diseases that come with it. Mouth cancer, disease, and other ailments are all treated by dentists.

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Just like other types of doctors, dentists specialize in their field.

Why they’re in school, they learn copious amounts of knowledge regarding their focus area and how it affects the rest of the body. Just like doctors who specialize in other areas of the body, dentists learn how to treat pain, ailments, and how to provide preventative care.

A large part of what dentists do actually improve people’s lives. Dentists can utilize cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics to help fix a person’s worn-out smile. You would be amazed when you realize how much your smile can affect your confidence and how the world perceives you.

This is especially true when you consider how your teeth can impact your ability to speak and eat properly. Having a strong set of teeth is important for all aspects of your life and it’s a dentist’s job to help you preserve them for as long as possible.


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