Restorative Dental Procedures


Restorative dentistry involves addressing problems with the mouth and gums and coming up with solutions for them. It helps to restore function and beauty to smiles that are damaged, rotted, or crooked. It focuses more on oral diseases and the health of your teeth than aesthetics, although some restorative procedures do make your teeth look nicer. Below are some of the most common restorative processes and what they do.


Fillings are one of the most common and basic restorative procedures done to teeth. It involves filling in cavities with one of a few different available materials. This keeps the cavity from growing and helps to protect the tooth from further damage.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are very similar, although there is a slight difference. They both involve placing a crown, or false tooth, over teeth that are too damaged for a filling to fix them. They are cemented to the teeth and restore the original look and function. However, bridges are made up of multiple crowns and are often used to bridge gaps where teeth are missing.

Gum Treatments

If you are suffering from gum disease then you will need to have gum treatments performed. There are many ways to treat gum disease from scaling and root planing to surgical procedures. How this problem is treated will depend on how bad the problem is. Less invasive means may be used if the gum disease is mild, but more severe cases may require surgery.


Invisalign® are clear braces that fit seamlessly over your teeth without being seen. They help to straighten out crooked teeth without the clunky metal that normal braces are made up of. They make it possible to get a better, healthier smile while remaining invisible.

There are all kinds of restorative dental procedures that can make your smile healthy and beautiful again. You don’t have to go on with an unhealthy mouth or a smile that you are ashamed of. There is help through restorative dentists and it’s easy to find one near you with a simple online search. Schedule a consultation with a local dentist today and get your mouth back on track.

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