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Any successful small business owner knows web presence is a very important part of their business plan. Marketing online for search engine rankings and social media can help drive traffic and most of all, generate leads. At the end of the day, all dentist marketing efforts need to convert to phone calls and new customers. For dentist marketing, it is all about putting customer’s into the chairs.

It is known that sixty four percent of Americans use search engines to find local businesses and that nearly ninety five percent of all online experiences start with a search engine. The two most important factors for dentist marketing online are keyword efficiency and fresh content. For best dentist SEO practice, keywords have to be concise and focused for each specific practice. A cosmetic dentist shouldn’t be trying to rank for pediatric dentistry and vice versa. Keywords should be organically used throughout a website’s content and call to actions, so to help the practice’s organic rankings. This is key as more than three-quarters of search users choose organic results when searching online, usually completely overlooking the paid search results.

Fresh content is majorly important for keeping patients and future patients informed about the dental industry and a specifically owned practice. Is your practice now offering Invisaign? Great, updated your content to let the world know. Are you now showcasing implant dentistry? Awesome, let your patients know exactly what that is, and why they need it.

A dental website homepage should include three to five calls to action that will entice a user to contact the practice. The website should be high quality too, as it provides consistent brand identity, an important factor for would-be customers to remember your business when their tooth starts aching. Dental web marketing has to be consistent throughout a practice’s online presence. Web design and social media accounts should all be consistent with content, design, logo and information (name, address, phone number).

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get your practice known as it is the common day “word of mouth.” Over half of all small business owners know they could use help improving their social media marketing skills, but it is not as painstaking as some may think. Updating social media accounts with valuable information, pictures and promotions can help increase website traffic and create leads. Creating a social media strategy with a goal of generating new leads should be completely focused on informing the audience about your practice and what separates it from the competition. This can be location, building design, specialties, services, patient care and much more.

As a business owner, you want your website and practice to rank well for the specific areas you practice in. You want your website to be visible, but most all, you want the people who want to find your business, to be able to find it. Help your business with simple dentist marketing solutions (dental SEO) and organically grow your presence on search engines, future customers who are looking for a new dental practice will be happy you did!
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