Struggling with the Concepts of Dental Marketing?


Dental marketing system

The dental industry represents an essential health service for the American people. As IBIS World statistics show, the American dental industry is worth over $119 billion, employing nearly one million people. Clearly, dental practices, like yours, are not going anywhere anytime soon.

With that being said, the dawn of the Internet Age brought new ways to attract new dental patients and draw increased revenue. Rest assured: your competitors are already putting the best, most modern dental marketing strategies to use. If you don’t take similar steps to improve your own dentist marketing, you may find your client list dry up extremely quickly.

Build an Amazing Dental Website
As written on, the number one way to improve dental marketing in 2014 is by having a high-quality website. Why? As statistics from Internet World Stats show, more than two billion people now use the worldwide web each and everyday. While it’s true they’re spending a lot of time playing games and talking to friends on social media, it’s equally true that they’re using the internet to find businesses, like your dental practice. If you want your business to benefit from the internet revolution, you need an attractive, informative website.

Utilize Social Media to Grow Your Base
With two billion people using popular social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, there has never been a better time to take your dental practice onto social media. If you aren’t convinced, look at the numbers from DentistryIQ, a website dedicated to dental marketing and the industry as a whole. 92% of Facebook users say they trust recommendations made by their friends on social media. If you build up a following of loyal customers on social media, chances are good you’ll earn more based on that statistic.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Rely on Autopilot
Whether you decide to steer your dental web marketing towards a great website, social media, or both, you need to make sure you don’t ever set your dental marketing on autopilot. While using both of these methods can greatly improve your dental marketing and your revenue, the fact is they’ll only do so if you take a hands-on approach. That’s why The Dental Tribune recommends all practices take time to evaluate their marketing strategies as they go. Methods that work for one business won’t necessarily work for others. By keeping an eye on the impact of your efforts, you can make changes as you go.

As a dentist, you no doubt realize that you offer an incredibly important service. Even so, if your competitors begin to market themselves better than you, you could see the tides shift, and not in your favor. Keep these tips in mind for better dental marketing that can keep you in the minds of your patients, while helping you to attract new clients.

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