The Basics on Pediatric Dentist Practices


A pediatric dentist is also known as a children’s dentist. The clip “What is a Pediatric Dentist?” explains pediatric dentistry as a field that aims to provide care for patients in their formative years. A pediatric dentist practitioner gets specialty training to care for children below 13 years old. These dentists do more than only child’s cleanings and checkups in modern society. Many of them are now performing cosmetic work on children.

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A pediatric dentist has the knowledge and expertise to treat cavities, baby teeth problems, decay, oral hygiene during pregnancy and lactation, and tooth discoloration or staining. In addition, they even care for those with orthodontic issues. Most of the time, a child will receive their first dental visit by their first birthday from an early childhood health assessment specialist. The professional may be a health practitioner like a local orthodontist specializing in children’s care.

Once a child is old enough to get dental care, many parents go to a local orthodontist or pediatric dentist. The parents need to know their service provider and practice during this time. Many pediatric dentists are also specialists in orthodontics. For this reason, they can treat tooth issues like crowding and teeth misalignment. Some pediatric dentists may also be experts in performing dental surgeries as well.


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