The Dentist Lifestyle Is Worth Living


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The Hangover gave the dentist lifestyle a bad rep, with the perpetually mocked character of Stu, but did he really have it so bad? In the movie, he was able to afford the luxurious penthouse suite with his salary. In truth, the average annual wage of dentists is approximately 150,000 dollars.

The dentist lifestyle could be yours too. Imagine owning your own practice, being your own boss and helping others to improve the quality of their life. Honestly, it is as simple as taking courses with an American dental association approved top dental school. The dentist lifestyle is basically the american dream.

Some readers might be wondering, “what is dentistry?” Dentistry is the study of the branch of medicine that has to deal with teeth. Dentists help people keep their mouths safe, clean and healthy. The majority of dental treatments are performed in order to prevent or treat the two most common types of oral diseases which are dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal disease (gum disease or pyorrhea). Dentists can also perform cosmetic services, such as tooth implants or teeth whitening, which could give patients the confidence that they need to take the next step in their lives. The dentist lifestyle is all about helping people.

Although, dental school life is just as tough as any other schooling, though. It requires a good amount of earnest studying. The coursework can be incredibly strenuous, just as it should be. There is a high standard set, and patients expect their dentist to be above and beyond it. Dental school might even require twice the amount of work you put into during your undergraduate collegiate years, but it is worth it. Once graduated, though, many dentists choose to join the dental ADA. This allows them the opportunity to gain experience and possibly find a mentor within their field. Soon, or possibly even right after dental school, dentists can enjoy their own practice, along with the salary and liberties that come with being a business owner.

If you think that you might want to enjoy the dentist lifestyle, of being a business owner that gives back to the community through his or her medical services, then I encourage you to pursue the dentist lifestyle.

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