The Importance of Dental Hygiene In The United States


Taking care of your teeth is hugely important in the United States as well as far beyond it. After all, we all have teeth – and we all only get just one permanent set. Besides this, having good oral hygiene can actually be crucial to your overall health, something that many people do not realize and are not aware of. Even more, the appearance of teeth is more important than many people realize, with high percentages of surveyed people in the United States feeling that the appearance of your teeth can directly correlate to the total amount of success that you are able to obtain in life, in everything from making a good first impression to having a friendly and trustful smile.

It is widely regarded by the people living in the state of Florida alone that going to the dentist is a hugely important thing, with more than ninety percent (nearly ninety five percent, at ninety three percent exactly, to be more specific) of all survey respondents stating that yes, they agree that people should visit their local dentist regularly in order to maintain a good oral hygiene regiment and healthy teeth. Unfortunately, however, far too few people actually see the dentist the recommended amount throughout the year (which is typically only twice a year, perhaps more if you are having procedures done such as seeing an invisalign dentist to straighten your teeth over the course of time). In fact, in the year of 2014, only just over sixty percent of all adults in the United States (sixty two percent to be exact) visited the dentist even once. And though more children visited the dentist than adults, only around eighty three percent of all of the children in the United States actually visited a dentist throughout that same span of time. Unfortunately, this will simply lead to more dental problems such as cavities, which are hugely widespread throughout the entirety of the country as well as among many different age ranges. As much as ninety percent of school age children have had at least one cavity or currently have cavities and a total of nearly one hundred percent of all adult people in the United States have experienced at least one cavity before – and many are currently suffering from an untreated cavity. Aside from this, nearly seventy five percent of all people living in the United States are currently living with a form of periodontal disease, something that is likely to continue to progress if the proper course of treatment is not obtained.

For many people, this has led to a drop in confidence about the state of their teeth and what it means for their lives, with as much as three out of every four adults feeling that the appearance of their smile has actually been hurting their career opportunities. Fortunately, an invisalign dentist can help. An invisalign dentist will be able to treat any underlying dental health conditions but will also be able to use invisalign to begin to straighten your teeth. An invisalign dentist will also be able to correct any problems with your bite, giving your mouth an overall more attractive appearance when all is said and done. On top of this, an invisalign dentist will be able to do so discretely, as an invisalign dentist will not place the traditional and very obvious braces, something that many American adults would very much like to avoid if at all possible. For the twenty four percent (one out of every four) people in the United States who actually avoid smiling at all costs in order to avoid showing their teeth, an invisalign dentist can provide the confidence in their oral health and the appearance of their teeth and their mouth as a whole that has long been missing, if it was even ever there in the first place.

Your mouth is an important thing, and so taking care of your oral health is crucial. Having a good smile is not just physical, but can actually impact the overall health of your body as well – something that too few people actually realize. Taking care of your teeth is key.

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