The Procedure of Filling a Cavity


One thing many people have had to deal with at the dentist is a cavity. They may have had too much sugar causing the tooth to decay slightly and it required a cavity procedure. Dentists all over the world deal with cavities just about every day so this procedure is routine for them. In this video, you will learn and watch how dentists help fill cavities.

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The first step the dentist takes is checking your blood pressure. This is important because your mouth will be numbed for the procedure so it’s a way to make sure you can handle that. Then they apply a substance that will numb your gums and tissue so you won’t feel a pinch from the needle.

After your gums are numb, then you will receive local anesthesia through a needle which will prepare you for the rest of the procedure. Remember, the dentist has performed a filling of cavities many times in their career so there’s nothing to worry about.

Continue watching this video to watch the full cavity filling procedure. Hopefully, this video will help calm your nerves before your next dentist appointment. If you are worried though, call your dentist and ask questions!


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