The Reasons Americans Avoid the Root Canal and Other Dental Procedures


When facing those trips to the dentist you may face a fear, especially if there is the potential for the dreaded root canal. It is easy to believe you are paying for pain and a treatment that is not worth its actual value.

Facing a Root Canal

While it may be a commonly performed procedure, the root canal is most often a concern for Americans because of the pain it may cause. About two-thirds of adults say that pain is the reason they worry about a root canal or even try to avoid it. So, while almost 100% of people believe that a healthy smile is important to other parts of life, many of them avoid the dental care that is needed to help keep a permanent healthy smile.

Other Procedures In Addition to a Root Canal

Root canals may be expensive or expected to be painful, but there are many other procedures that are at least the same cost and pain levels. Some of these procedures include dental implants, tooth extractions, crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign braces, and more. While it is helpful to have a healthy and attractive smile, it is often expensive and painful at times to gain the results that you want. Luckily, the success rate of many of these procedures is positive, whether you simply go with dentures or something else that may help with oral repair, and it can help with the improvement of other needs that depend upon your smile.

The Price of Dental Procedures

Now, the prices of these different procedures are important to evaluate before making a quick decision upon the alternative. While dental implants are much more affordable than they were a couple of decades ago, there is still the potential of them not being covered by dental insurance, which could leave you with an excessive expense in the thousands. Sometimes the cost of dental implants can be as much as ten thousand per tooth, so it is important to study the full details of your dental insurance as well as the procedure before making that decision.

Therefore, it may be best to make sure that those regular dental visits are maintained in order to keep healthy teeth and gums without the need for emergency dental procedures. Considering root canals and other dental procedures, there is much to gain from the improvement of your smile with both required and cosmetic dentistry. Start with maintaining those six-month dental visits, and better oral health will be retained. This will help avoid a root canal or other procedure, while also keeping your smile and gums healthier longer.

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