Three Ways to Improve Your Smile


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Did you know that 67% of patients who seek cosmetic dentistry procedures are female? However, most adults are able to receive cosmetic dental treatment to improve their smiles. There are several types of cosmetic dental procedures available, and each one can effectively enhance the appearance of teeth.

1. Dental implants. This form of cosmetic dental surgery is used to permanently replace missing teeth. Dental implants are small, titanium devices that are inserted into the jaw sockets of missing teeth, and once the jaw sockets heal, the implants are able to permanently support prosthetic teeth. All on Four implants are also available, and this procedure only uses four implants to support a full-arch prosthesis. As a result, All on Four costs less than traditional implants.

2. Veneers. This type of cosmetic dentistry is designed to cover the imperfections that many teeth often develop. Veneers are made of porcelain material, and they are able to conceal minor cracks, chips, and discolorations. Although veneers do not last a lifetime, they can typically be worn for 5-10 years before needing to be replaced.

3. Teeth whitening. This is the most common cosmetic dental procedure in the United States because it is used to brighten teeth. Professional teeth whitening is often performed using lasers, and these lasers bleach teeth beyond their natural color. As a result, professional teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways to brighten teeth.

Although 85% of people who suffer from halitosis, or persistent bad breath, have a dental condition that causes it, cosmetic dentistry is designed to treat these types of harmful dental problems. Dental implants, veneers, and teeth whitening, for example, are three effective cosmetic dental procedures. By determining the veneer, whitening, or All on Four cost and choosing the option that is right for you, you will be able to get the attractive smile you deserve. Get more on this here.

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