Tips to Keep Your Teeth Looking Great


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Americans care about the way their teeth look. At least 96% of us think a nice smile makes us more attractive to romantic interests. Almost all of us consider our smiles to be important to our social and work lives. About 99.7% of us say we think this. Many of us want whiter teeth. Nearly $1.4 billion is spent on whitening products every year in the United States. Your friendly family dentist has the following advice for getting your teeth to look great.

Tips for a Whiter Smile:

Change your toothbrush regularly. Nearly three-quarters of all American adults do not change out their toothbrush as often as they should. Most cosmetic dentistry experts say that a toothbrush can only last about 90 days. They should be changed out more often if they begin to fray or look worn down. Once the bristles are worn and bent down, the toothbrush can no longer effectively clean your teeth. Getting rid of your old toothbrush is a great way to stat to get your smile whiter.

When you brush your teeth, brush your tongue as well. Your tongue is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can discolor your teeth. You can remove that bacteria by brushing with a soft toothbrush. Use long strokes that start as far back on your tongue as you can go. To prevent the redeposition of bacteria on your tongue, rinse your brush with each stroke.

Add raw vegetables and fruits to your diet. Eating raw and crunchy foods is very good for your body and mouth. Add raw carrots, apples, nuts and whatever else you might enjoy to your diet. When you chew these foods, you remove a lot of surface plaque and stains. The plaque can lead to cavities and the stains are what you are trying to get rid of when you visit a cosmetic dentist.

Apple cider vinegar makes a great mouthwash. The family dentist recommends making a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar to two parts water. Swish the mixture around in your mouth for about 60 seconds to help your smile get and stay healthy.

If you enjoy citrus fruits, you should rinse your mouth with water afterwards. Citric acid can erode the enamel on your teeth. That does not mean you should forgo eating citrus fruits all together. Just be careful when you eat them. After you enjoy them, rinse the caustic acid off your teeth with water.

Be careful when you drink wine, cola and coffee. All of these things can stain your teeth. Some people who do not want to give up their favorite beverages will drink them with a straw. If you do not want to do that, brush your teeth after drinking these beverages. Though drinking coffee with a straw is better than you might think.

Avoid using baking soda.andnbsp;Some people like to brush their teeth with the substance but is is not good for your teeth say experts in general dentistry. Baking soda is very abrasive so while in the short term, it makes your teeth feel cleaner and look whiter, in the long run it can damage your tooth enamel and make your teeth look stained and dark. Skip using it.

Skip energy drinks. These drinks have more acid than citrus fruits and can be very staining for your teeth. Most family dentistry experts advise their patients to avoid the drinks unless they are going to drink them with a straw. The smaller shots of energy drinks may be better for your teeth but they are not great either.

Do not eat dark foods. At least one family dentist has the following foods on their “do not eat” list: marinara sauce, blueberries and soy sauce. Foods with lots of pigment stain your teeth. Now, for a lot of people, the idea of giving up those foods makes them depressed and they will not do it. If you feel that way, just brush your teeth after eating them and your teeth should be fine.

We all want really white teeth. We do not have to give up out favorite foods and drinks to get those bright and white teeth. Your family dentist has great products to help whiten your teeth.

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