Too Many Americans Are Living With Cavities And Missing Teeth The Work Today’s Dentists Are Doing


Going to the dentist isn’t fun for many. In fact, it can be a nervewracking experience!

It’s not fun having a stranger poke needles into your mouth. It’s even less fun if you’re out of practice and haven’t gotten a check-up in years. From pediatric dentists that specialize in helping children with oral health to emergency dentists that respond to extreme scenarios, this is a scenario everyone is deeply familiar with. As a dentist it’s your job to reach out to customers and make them feel their best even before they’ve received a cleaning. How should you go about this?

Many Americans young and old are in dire need of some dental work. Let’s take a look at today’s statistics and what they tell us about the future.

The Function Of Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry is a diverse field with plenty of variety to address the population’s needs. You have cosmetic dentistry, which focuses more on aesthetic touch-ups to oral health, and you have emergency dentists for severe cases. Pediatric dentists serve children of all shapes and sizes, providing a wide range of services including teeth cleaning, cavity fillings, and wisdom teeth pulling. Pediatric dental sedation is becoming more popular due to the pervasive fear of the dentist, with an estimated 250,000 pediatric dental sedations performed yearly. A 2012 study in the Journal of Pediatric Dentistry found more than 65% of parents using bottled water were unaware of fluoride amounts.

Today’s Most Frustrating Oral Health Concerns

This leads us to the next part of the list…just what are the biggest oral health problems today and how can they better curbed with dental visits? Cavities are very well-known, almost to the point of seeming mundane. It’s estimated one out of four adults today are walking around with one or more untreated cavities…and it’s even worse for children! Cavities left untreated can turn into painful root canals, which need surgery to correct. Periodontal disease and gingivitis are also very common conditions that can be easily prevented.

Common Fears Concerning Dental Work

Dental hygiene is necessary to live a healthy life. Bad oral health can lead to missed school days, missed work days, even long-term issues like permanent jaw pain. Unfortunately, many adults and children are too nervous to visit the dentist and miss out on vital care. Fear of needles is a big issue, followed close behind a general fear of the medical industry. Dentists today have to be mindful of these problems to encourage more visitors to drop by and get that vital check-up.

Useful Tips To Share With Patients

What are some tips pediatric dentists and general dentists can share with their patients? Watching personal diet, for one. While sports drinks can be harmful to teeth, energy drinks are two times worse and can seriously wear down tooth enamel. Flossing should also be done twice a day, compared to once a day, to prevent periodontal disease. Last, but not least, remember to tell your patients to replace their toothbrush every few months.

The Future Of Dental Work

Dentists have their work cut out for them. There are a lot of Americans today in need of more than just teeth cleaning. Cavities, root canals, and periodontal disease are extremely common and only get worse with neglect. There are also quite a few adults today that are missing teeth and convinced they don’t have options. Implants, cosmetic dentistry, cavity fillings, teeth cleaning, crowns…it’s all in a day’s work for today’s dental professional!

Make your patients feel comfortable. Give them extra incentive to visit your office so they can lead their healthiest lives.

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