Top Dentistry Tips To Keep Your Teeth Clean Between Appointments


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing how clean and white your smile is right after a trip to a good dentist. However, it can be tricky getting that clean smile to last, and usually, you’re back to your normal standard not too long after your dental clinic visit. A perfect smile doesn’t always come easy, but a few tricks might be able to keep you looking like you just stepped away from the dental office. Here are the top dentistry tips and tricks to keep your smile looking stellar between your regular dental cleanings.

  1. Pay attention to your gums: When you’re brushing and flossing, don’t forget to take care of your gums as well. Gums tend to get overlooked, and this can cause gum disease that prevents your smile from looking as healthy as possible. Less than 60% of people with gum disease even know they have it, so even if you think you’re safe, take extra good care of your gums.
  2. Avoid teeth-staining food and drink: Some foods and drinks can stain your teeth, making them look yellowed and dirty even if you’ve just had them cleaned recently. Be careful with sodas, coffee, tea, wine, and dark or acidic foods. These can darken your teeth, especially if consumed frequently.
  3. Brush regularly: While this might seem like common sense, even top dentists sometimes forget to brush their teeth every now and then. Make a regular habit of brushing your teeth twice daily: once in the morning and once at night.
  4. Don’t brush right after eating: Many people think that brushing right after eating will help avoid stained and unhealthy looking teeth, but this can actually do more harm than good. After eating, brushing can worsen the effects of any abrasive or acidic materials left over from your food. Wait a bit and rinse out your mouth with water before brushing after a meal.

Taking care of your teeth is incredibly important to your overall health, and if you want to maintain a healthy smile between dentist appointments, these tips may be able to help. However, the easiest way to a clean smile is to schedule an appointment with the best dental clinic you can find. For more information or to schedule a time to get your teeth cleaned, contact us today.


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