Top Three Ways to Brighten Your Smile


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A beautiful smile can do a lot for a person. Whether it is self esteem or others’ opinions of you, odds are that a beautiful smile will help to improve that a bit. More than half of people, for example, think that a beautiful smile will help to draw the attention of people of the opposite sex. That would of course give you an even bigger reason to smile if it is true! Regardless of how much faith one puts in the power of a pretty smile, however, it is still true that there are positive benefits to having a healthy one and that there are a lot of things that can be done to help improve it. Here are three things your local dentist can probably do to help your smile look a little more healthy:

1. Tooth Whitening

The most basic service a dentist can offer to brighten your smile is to do just that: brighten your smile. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that dentists can offer. Each day you brush your teeth you are performing a rudimentary teeth-whitening procedure; dentists are better equipped to do so and so can achieve more progress with their procedure. Then the tooth brushing can work to maintain that brightness!

2. Veneers

For quicker results, one can use a porcelain veneer. A porcelain veneer is something that can be put in during dental cosmetic surgery to cover the tooth enamel and feign whiteness. Tooth enamel is the part of the tooth that is white, but even though it is the hardest surface in the body, it is still able to be yellowed and corroded. The porcelain veneer, however, is made of more sturdy stuff and can let someone have a white smile when they might otherwise have had trouble doing so.

3. Implants

More than one hundred million people in their late thirties and early forties are missing somewhere between ten and fifteen of their natural teeth. Even this does not disqualify them from having a beautiful smile, however. Dental implants are available that can replace the missing teeth and give someone a full smile once again. These implants have a ninety eight percent success rate and the dental cosmetics don’t even hurt; oral sedation numbs the mouth so that you don’t even feel your smile improving. What would you do with your smile? Read more about this topic at this link:

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