Top Tips for Becoming an Orthodontist


In this in-depth exploration, Dr. Nathan unveils the intricate path to becoming an orthodontist, offering aspiring individuals a detailed roadmap for their educational journey. The expedition commences post-high school, with a four-year stint in college. During this phase, students immerse themselves in courses spanning biochemistry, mathematics, and social sciences, striving for excellence to secure admission to dental school.

Before stepping into the realm of dental education, aspirants must pass the Dental Admission Test (DAT), a specialized assessment that acts as a gateway to dental schools.

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The subsequent four years in dental school form the foundational steps toward achieving the status of a dentist. However, for those aiming to specialize, the expedition extends to three years of focused study in their chosen field.

Dr. Nate intricately details the specialization process, emphasizing that pursuing orthodontics demands a dedicated investment of three more years. The process intensifies for those harboring aspirations of becoming oral surgeons, requiring a formidable commitment of six additional years of schooling beyond the standard dental program.

This comprehensive guide serves as a beacon for individuals navigating the educational labyrinth toward orthodontic expertise, or becoming orthodontists. Dr. Nathan’s insights provide clarity on the sequential educational milestones, empowering aspiring orthodontists with the knowledge needed to embark on this enriching and challenging professional journey.

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