Uninsured Americans Get Free Dental Care


A charity initiative that has made its way to Missouri has been providing free dental care to the community in Joplin and all over the United States. People come in large numbers to support this initiative and to receive the most efficient dental care for several oral hygiene issues and this can be recognized in the YouTube video titled US Charity Gives Uninsured Americans Free Dental Care. Some people like Samantha Crap have needed to get extractions done for the longest time but haven’t been able to get it done because of not having enough money to cover the necessary fees. Even though some of these people have medical insurance, they are still falling short of cover for dental care.

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The charity initiative was held at the Missouri Mission of Mercy where a makeshift hospital was created to host thousands of people who needed urgent dental care such as getting fillings done and cleaning their teeth. An orthodontist reiterated that he has seen patients who have had oral hygiene issues that have gone on for a lot of years without receiving adequate care because most of the people that he consulted with did not have any health insurance as they come from lower-income neighborhoods. These clinics have been operational for more than six years owing to the state of Missouri eliminating adults from its dental care coverage from its Medicaid care. The head of the Missouri Dental Association says that the state insurance program for dental care has been reinstated but it has a limited number of coverage options and one of her main goals is to have dental care to be treated with the same urgency and attention as health care.

The dental care system remains an unsustainable system in America even though it is a crucial aspect of an individual’s overall health. As it stands there is still uncertainty of an alternative program to ensure that adults are sufficiently covered with their Medicaid care. Free dental clinics like this one have made it possible for people to afford the best dental care when they do not have the financial means to afford these services. The Mission of Mercy dental clinics have managed to alleviate one of the biggest challenges in America. There are hopes that there will be more people who will receive the necessary dental care in the future and that there will be more support aimed at this initiative across the country. In the meantime, the government needs to be lobbied to work on an alternative program that will ensure that adults are still afforded access to quality dental care to avoid other health problems to persist in the future.


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