What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?


Dental emergencies can be very unpleasant and painful experiences. Sometimes dental emergencies can result due to people not having the time or ability to keep up with taking proper care of themselves. Life gets in the way sometimes and our staff understands and does not judge.

Dental emergencies include cavities or other issues that can cause pain, such as an abscess. Abscesses are bacterial infections that are marked by pus pocketing around the tooth.

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Infections of this sort are serious and can lead to a problem known as sepsis, where the infection spreads to the bloodstream of the individual and can cause serious illness or worse.

Other problems that can lead to emergency trips to family dentists include knocking a tooth loose or out of the socket completely. When a tooth is knocked out it should be stored in milk (never water) until one is able to be seen by a dentist. As mentioned earlier, a dental emergency is one that is understood by the staff at McCordsville Family Dentistry. If you are experiencing pain or other issues related to needing emergency care please know that staff is willing and able to help.


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