What Do Monthly Orthodontic Adjustments Do?


Your first step to straight teeth is getting orthodontic treatment done. Orthodontic services include fitting in braces, aligners, retainers, palatal expanders, and even surgery. The video explains how an orthodontic adjustment is done.

If you have braces, your orthodontist will require you to come in for regular adjustments. These are done so the correct amount of pressure is put to reposition your teeth.

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During the adjustment, the orthodontist will also see how the treatment is progressing.

During the adjustment, the elastics connecting the brackets and the wire are gently removed. The archwire may also be removed, though this isn’t done every time. Your teeth may be cleaned without the elastic and wire hindering the process.

A new wire is fitted onto the metal brackets. You can choose different colored elastics which are then fitted to connect the wire and the brackets.

The entire process may take 15-30 minutes. You may be given a mild pain reliever to ease any soreness and pain. After the adjustment, you’ll be advised to eat soft foods for a few days.

It’s highly advised to stick to the appointments given by the orthodontic services provider for your adjustments to ensure your treatment progresses smoothly.


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