What is dentistry


What is dentistry

What is dentistry? The American Dental Association defines dentistry as the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and or treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of oral cavity, maxillofacial area and or the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body, provided by a dentist, within the scope of his or her education, training and experience, in accordance with the ethics of the profession and applicable law. This definition of what is dentistry was adapted by the dental ADA during the American Dental Association House of Delegates in 1997. Based on this definition, the question as to what is dentistry is more than just a branch of medicine that involves eh study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions and diseases in the maxillofacial and oral cavity. So when you ask what is dentistry, it is more than just a study of conditions and diseases. What is dentistry is more about the qualifications of the dentist in providing the best oral care to patients. What is dentistry is also about providing this care in accordance with the law and ethics of the profession. What is dentistry is therefore more than just a definition. It is actually living up to the ideals and standards of the practice while providing the best dental care. Now, if you are thinking if whether becoming a dentist is the right one for you, here are some interesting facts that will tell you more about dentistry, dental school and dentist lifestyle.

Again, when it comes to what is dentistry, as a student, you will be trained to become knowledgeable and expert in dental conditions and diseases. Your training will include training in diagnosis and training in treatment. Aside from these if you manage to get to the top dental school, your training will be more comprehensive. This will include being an important part of the community, from the underrepresented to the disadvantage communities down to your own community. Moreover, you will be trained for a successful and fulfilling dental career. Again, depending on your school you may also get the right training on how to have a competitive practice. It is best to choose your school wisely if you are thinking of becoming a dentist.

Now when it comes to dental school life, you can expect to be immersed in an academic training. This should ensure that you will be a highly skilled later. At the same time, you can expect to have all the lifestyle and activities of the other students. If you are the type of student that needs support, you should therefore find a school that has student support. As for dentist lifestyle, a career in dentistry is both personal and financially rewarding. You can expect therefore to enjoy both financial success with your practice and at the same time, be fulfilled personally. This is because being a dentist offers you many opportunities and avenues to pursue. You can therefore choose the one where you can have a balance of financial and personal success.

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