What You Didnt Know About Teeth


The teeth are one of the most important aspects of the human body because they help with chewing and even speech creation. Not too many people know most of the things the teeth can do which is why they sometimes get careless and require dental surgery to fix issues that may arise from negligence. In this article, we will explore some key tips about what your teeth can do.

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The enamel which creates the external layer of your teeth is perhaps the hardest substance made by the body. But note that irrespective of their strong exterior, the teeth are the only component of the body that can’t repair themselves.
Did you know that your teeth are almost as unique as your fingerprints? In fact, teeth imprints have been used to solve certain crimes. The average human spends less than 4 minutes brushing their teeth daily, which means they spend about 24 hours combined in a year brushing their teeth.

Within your teeth are nerves and blood vessels that make your teeth feel alive. A tooth is considered dead if the nerve tissues get damaged, which means it won’t be able to feel cold again.

The teeth are a unique part of the human body that has more features and serves more functions than most people know. Knowing these facts about your teeth should help you maximize their potential going forward.

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