What You Need To Know About Running And Your Teeth


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Doctors everywhere agree; regular exercise isn’t just beneficial, it’s downright smart. “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning,” Harvard psychiatrist, John Ratey, reveals. What doctors, psychiatrists, and healthcare experts aren’t telling you, however, is that there are some drawbacks — especially when it comes to running and endurance sports. Why should runners be looking into quality dental plans?

Does Running Wreak Havoc On Your Teeth?

According to new studies, the answer is yes. “While training, triathletes and runners consume a lot of carbs — specifically sports drinks, bars, and gels — which can lower the mouth’s pH level and lead to tooth erosion and cavities. Also, they breathe heavily through their mouths during training, and that can dry out teeth-protecting saliva,” Glamour magazine writes. Sports drinks also contain phosphoric acid, another chemical that will — once again — erode the enamel off your teeth.

A Mouthful Of Decaying Teeth Is Not An Inevitability

According to top cosmetic dentists and local dentists, runners and endurance sports athletes are not necessarily doomed to a mouth full of rotting teeth. There are things that you can — and should — do to help counteract the effects of running on your overall dental health. What is one simple and effective trick? “Chew gum when you can to increase salivary flow and neutralize the bacteria in your mouth. The gum should contain xylitol,” The Huffington Post recommends. Regular flossing and brushing should also help a great deal, dentists add.

Are you a runner or endurance sports athlete? Then you should carefully think about your teeth and any necessary dental plans. Know that running will increase your odds of tooth decay and accelerate the erosion of the enamel on your teeth. More like this.

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