When Should Your Child See the Dentist for the First Time?


One of the best things you can do for your baby is to partner with a pediatric dentist Alexandria VA that specializes in children’s dentistry. A lot of parents are unsure of when that first dental appointment should be and often delay the appointment until the child is school age.

The right time to make your child’s first dental appointment is when their teeth erupt or by the age of 1. This can be surprising to many people, but it is vital that your child gets early oral health care to set them up for a lifetime of good oral habits and health.

An Ounce of Prevention is Always Better Than a Pound of Cure

In the 1950’s and 60’s “baby teeth” were not really given the attention that they deserve. The ideology was that baby teeth fell out eventually and any issues would fall out with them. The fact is “baby teeth” are incredibly important to permanent teeth. They are also incredibly important to the child that is depending on them to eat, speak and live pain free.

Cavities are considered one of the most common of the childhood diseases and the sad part is that they are completely preventable. Cavities form because of a few reasons like poor oral hygiene (not brushing enough or only brushing and not flossing), diet is another big factor, too many sugary sweets or juices.

With the help of a dedicated child dentistry specialist your child could be set up for a lifetime of never knowing what a cavity feels like! There are great preventive treatments that can help to booster your child’s immunity to cavities.

A child’s teeth that has been treated with sealants, especially on those hard to reach back teeth, can ward off cavities. Pediatric dental care focuses a great deal on preventive services to keep your child from ever having to deal with the pain of dental diseases.

Prepare Your Child for Their Visit to the Pediatric Dentist Office

After you make your appointment you will want to get your child ready for their first visit. Some of the things that you can do to help them feel more confident is read stories about the dentist to them and talk to them about their teeth.

Enlisting other family members and friends to discuss the upcoming dental visit and how they are excited about it can also help to get your child excited about going to the dentist. It is important that you do not relay any fear or apprehension, or your child will pick up on it.

The first appointment is typically a short exam just to ensure that everything is developing right. You will also get guidance from the dentist and the hygienist on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

Childrens Dentistry Should be a Part of Overall Health Care

Your child’s teeth are an important part of their development. Childrens dentistry services from a pediatric dentist Alexandria VA can help your child avoid pain and enjoy a healthy smile. In other words, childrens dentistry services are not an option it is a necessity.

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